120 Km/h

120 Km/h

Top Speed

70 Km

70 Km

Maximum Range

2 Hours

2 Hours

Charging Time

25 kW

25 kW

Peak Motor Power

220 V

220 V

Home Charge

A1 / B

A1 / B

Driving License

Customized SPORT style

BCN Sport is fully equiped to make your VOLTA more sporty

Full Connectivity Kit

Enjoy the full features anywhere with 3G Connectivity

VOLTA_Connectivitty Pack_b

Home Charge

On-Board charger to plug directly into any home socket

SPORT Mapping Mode

Get the top performance from your VOLTA with the “SPORT Mode””



ECO Mode

With “SPORT Mode” you will be enjoy the available power, availing extra acceleration to get the best feeling riding your bike.

Cutting Edge Technology

We develop our own technology to be Always ON!

VOLTA BCN Sport Naked-Dressed VOLTA BCN Sport Naked-Dressed

Best in class suspensions, tyres and other rolling platform components to ensure a fun-to-ride motorcycle. Lightweight, low centre of gravity and generous torque, the right formula to allow you to have fun in the city.

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Technical Specs


Top speed: 120Km/h

Maximum Range: 70Km


Dry weight: 135Kg

Wheel base: 1450mm

Seat height: 805mm


Front: 110/70 R17

Rear : 150/60 R17

Brake discs:

Ø285 mm front

Ø220 mm rear 


Battery type: Lipo (Lithium polymer)

Battery pack Capacity: 3 Kwh

Battery pack Voltage: 74V (nominal)

Recharge time: 2 hours at standard 220V plug

Battery life : >2000 recharges


Motor type: DC brushed motor

Peak Motor Power: 25Kw

Linear Motor Power: 11Kw

Max motor torque: 67Nm


Check out with your local dealer to find out further details about the availability, date and prices in your country