to go for an electric motorbike

Emissions Free

Zero CO2 emissions and noise to the atmosphere

Make your daily trips sustainable with an electric motorbike, without environmental contamination and keeping the city free of pollution. In addition, electric motorbikes make little or no noise at all.

Less Taxes

Electric vehicles usage is rewarded by almost all public administrations.

Having a VOLTA electric motorbike can save you registration or circulation taxes .

Check with your local administration to know in detail all the tax benefits you can get in your town of residence if you have an electric motorbike.


Forget about filters, oil and expensive repairs

Elements reduction and moving parts in an electric motorbike favors easier maintenance and the consequent costs reduction.

It’s not necessary to change filters, oil or calibrate valves. You just have to focus on enjoying the driving experience.


100km for less than one euro.

The use of an electric motorbike by VOLTA Motorbikes represents an important saving in fuel costs and in motorbike maintenance.

Start saving the first day, the cost of a full charge is less than 50 cents of Euro*.

*Charge cost calculated with the 4 kWh VOLTA BCN model and based on the average kWh price in Spain – 2016.


Funny to ride, easy to drive, great look!

Our electric motorbike, VOLTA BCN, is driven as if it were a scooter. The direct transmission avoids the usage of the clutch and gear shifting, thus facilitating the driving and maximizing the experience on board.