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Cutting Edge Technology

Volta Motorbikes Section

Battery Pack

In-house developed technology to ensure top performance

Volta’s proprietary lithium-ion Battery pack is designed and developed for traction application. The module’s rugged design ensures faultless performance in the harshest of conditions. The battery Pack is complemented by our proprietary VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) and motor controller, and more than 50 sensors providing notifications about the status of every component, allowing a fully optimised energy storage system at all times.

We believe in the quality of our motorcycles and stand behind our product with a 75,000 Kms Battery Warranty.

Ride your own way

VOLTA BCN offers 3 different driving modes

Inside Volta

Different driving modes are available on the Volta BCN. Sport mode is only available with the Sport version.

A high level of torque removes the need for a gearbox. Fast and linear acceleration makes a fun-to-ride machine.

State of charge

Keep informed about the charge of your battery at a glance

Zero Emissions

VOLTA BCN saves 1Tn of CO2 emissions per year 

Inside Volta

* Based on 7500Km per year.

Volta aims to transmit the DNA of a brand with a sporty nature while also being efficient and environmentally-friendly